My Dearest Comet

My dearest Comet,

Where are you?

For weeks,
I have strained my neck and my eyes
To query the stars
Of your return.

The pages of my ephemeris
Are dog-eared and smudged.

I have become
An astrologer.

Some say
You are an eccentric comet,
That you are simply lost.

In my heart
I am sure
You are safe and on your way.

I imagine you
As you must be now,
Blazing along
Your cosmic
In smooth, elliptical space.

And so,
I continue
To scan the horizon
For a distant glimmer
Of your own special glow.
I will see you
When you near my planet
In the haunting light of dawn––

Remarkable for your silver subtlety
Hiding behind your celestial veil.