There’s a Devil Inside You, Mr. Richey

There's a devil inside you, Mr. Richey.
I have seen him!

I have seen him
Sleeping in your eyes.

I have seen his serpent tail
Creeping beneath your pant cuff,
Slithering across
Your black wing-tip shoes

Twining and spiraling
Up the leg
Of my chair.

I have seen
His hordes of demons
Gorge the thick veins of your neck––

Bloating your face
Blistering your lips.

Your hair turned to fire.
Your teeth oozed with hate.

My brain screamed with rage.

* * *

So it was, I remember,
On that day, when you
Tore the heart from my chest
And hurled it beyond my sight.

Have I searched
To retrieve my heart
In distant places.

I shall never
To you..