the fortunate corporation

at the pinnacle of
worldly wealth,
the fortunate corporation
is simultaneously
starving & gorging
its well-being––
to serve the self-interested.

it’s withering its
its stomach, its spleen, its
kidneys, its gall bladder, its
bladder, its lungs, its
brain, its eyes, its etc. …

it cannot yet feel what
it’s doing/has done––

the practice
of gorging greed in the
sunlight of

the criminality
of profit-pleasing-waste
in the shadow of scarcity.

the fortunate corporation
feeds on the flesh
of dying & defeated

on the naïve &
ambitious energies
of new-born businesses
that they can buy
for pennies on the buck––

& on the souls of weary experience
with their exhausted but willing

it gobbles up
the feast of super-nova
start-ups & disgorges
whatever idealism

the cosmic reckoning is awake,
& it’s hungry––
the fat
vulture of fallen
has been summoned

& it will soon