eye for an eye

an eye for an eye––
is an ancient formula
for blindness

the proportions
have changed:
for every one of us,
five hundred of theirs

for two, we should take

for one missile
falling in a field:
a hospital, a school
or a ministry

for two, one city block,
maybe ten

we are not troubled
by enemy casualties
because evil
has a human face,
& democracies must be
taught to make practical

as fires rage &
images of black
smoke & blood
invade tv screens
across the world,
choking anger &
fear erupt
in the hearts
of so many

we do not care
because we are
the Beloved of God

& our sugar daddies
just ask any
of our purchased
& properly subservient

the ancient formula
that never fails
begins with
the sacrament
of power