one nation divisible

there’s an old story about God & a peasant.
God says: “I can take one eye from you
& one eye from your neighbor
or two eyes from both of you.
which do you choose?”

“take both eyes from each, please. then my neighbor
will be blind.”

in a 1960 social studies class, Mr. Paterna
taught why America would never be defeated:
“however fiercely our politicians battle in an election,
they come together to honor the results
to work together for the good of the country.”

we are become the un-united states,
so shortly ago, the greatest power in the world.

there was a time, when politics was
not a blood sport & congress served its promise
as a parliament of shared democracy.

the wisest appraisal comes from our
most enlightened president:
“a house divided against itself
cannot stand.”