twins now & forever

june hedwig maslowski, neé schneck (may 17, 1922-april 18, 2009)

auntie junie was born
almost 87 years ago
in Milwaukee.

she was the unexpected
child. after may was born,
out leapt a second loving
daughter. no name waiting …
what do so? after may comes

doubtless, you walked to school
through the fierce deep snows
of the ohio winter, & doubtless, too,
you twins were admired across
the land.

you out-lucked the depression &
migrated to the new jersey
biscuit factory with your dad.
when the war came you paper-worked
pressurized air canisters
for your country.

junie was always a bit
hard of hearing, so auntie
may managed & junie

& how she worked! in the house,
40 years at at Lorsten’s, walking
the dog & caring for her mom
until her mom up & died.

in her hands & heart, junie was
an artist. in the age before color
prints, she re-touched photographs
to make them live. & sometimes
she would create pure

may & junie ––
always cute,
always bickering,
always sisters in love
with each other.
who can imagine them

the heavens celebrate twins
with glowing stars––

people greet twins
with smiles & hugs––

may & june will always be
our sweethearts.