we shocked & awed
the humpty dumpty
of peace

again & again––

we armed the world
with bullets &
& crowned our promises
with hypocrisy––

we are the dis-united
with anger seething up
to boil our skin

we hate ourselves
& there’s no space
between the decimal point
& the zero for even a filament
of trust
to take root––

our better angels
are long dead & buried––

we’re isolated egos
standing our ground behind
locked doors––
ready to kill
whomever knocks

individualism is a

we’re armed to the teeth
as we shoot each other
in the back––

maybe we can yet scrape
some wisdom
out of the fading ink
of our constitution––

before we reduce it
to grey ashes
in a self-righteous gush
of juvenile rage––

jefferson, madison, washington, franklin, & adams
are weeping
in their graves––

with no fitting way
to hear or remember them
in these un-historic