the human universe

the human universe

the human universe
is nothing less
than people for whom
each other could not
be otherwise

they travel in orbits
around our hearts

friendship is irrevocable
like love

it is etched
into the night
like an invisible
circle of homecoming
for the tired soul

we are blessed to
know the secret
of commingling
our souls into light

we share
the gravitation that pulls
our worlds together
& our thoughts
& our yearnings

it is the sharing,
pure as rain,
that doubles & quadruples
the wealth of all we are

it is the handshakes & hugs
that hold us together
to make us free––
like the trust that tree roots
have in willing earth

when you are far away
& call to me
i am coming––

i am coming to you––

even if it is impossible
to see me
my arms are around you

i am thankful to know
the universe will
always guide us

at whatever
time & distance,
we are dancing together––

stepping across
the sacred multitude
of stars