American Spring

in the great thaw of death
after World War II––
the fleeting chance
for an American Spring––

a new birth of freedom
for every human soul


a Cold War for Russia,
a Hot War with Korea
& fresh young dictators
planted deep in fertile ground
around the world
as necessary

let globalization be the new

there will never be a war
to end all wars
while arms are more profitable
than living hearts

out of the empty carcass
of American promise
whirls a rapacious crowd
of rootless corporate cyclones
with powers greater than countries

all hail success!!!
we worship ambition

the people of earth wait on their knees
to revere and adore the coming
tyrants of worldly power––

those mechanical billionaires
whose egos long to pounce
with the seasoned arrogance
of antique emperors
when the fortuitous instant
of personal ascension

so it is
as it was
must it always be?