blind justice

one man’s corruption
is another man’s custom

those hungry for
power and privilege
those who enjoy
power & privilege

power corrupts &
evil is banal

defendants are surprised
in their old age in their beds
as wealthy friends betray them
for the smile of immunity

guilty ego-righteousness
sullies the mind
of the prosecution

corruption is the hypocrisy
of targeting
one man as the source
of all corruption
as the accomplice machine
runs free

justice is impossible
because success is measured
by winning or losing
not guilt or innocence

it’s all blood sport
orchestrated on lurid front pages &
in stunning wide-screen color

the moguls & the major brands
are lusting to ambush
all the senators in the forum

if you know a man’s body is
filled with cancer––
why not fire a bullet
through his belly?
at least you’ll kill some of it

do all civilizations end up
drowning in their own

amerikan justice
is neither fair nor wise