command performance

the hospital bed
is the patient’s colosseum

J. D. Chielli, February 27, 2016

the mind is the cosmic colosseum
the hospital bed
just the lion of the moment

RJS, February 27, 2016

i patient
& the lion bites
on the trampled cosmic field
of my hospital bed––

an eternal sun
burns unblinking above
a motionless arena––

what trembling mind
i have is fixed on
slashing claws &

J. D. Chielli, February 29, 2016

my patient heart
beats a lion drum
as it marches across
the cosmic field
of my hospital bed

an eternal sun
rises above
the crumpled sheets
of the snow white arena

with focused mind
i pray to lift my gladiatorial gaze
and vanish into the breasts of nirvana.

RJS, March 1, 2016

pain blinds the
& stops the

sky shudders & goes
grasping fingers
bleed on shards
of fear

soul convulses into
a sticky cloud
shocked & gasping
behind the ribs––

it cannot see

when calm comes
the heart pumps
hope into the shivering
mass & heaven re-appears
with welcoming

not of death––
not of life––

not of space––
not of time––

suffering dissolves
in the glorious taste
of breath

smallness disappears
& fear becomes

eyes become light
ears become symphonies

brain becomes
sky &
heart embraces all
with thanks