to kill

to kill––
to take the life
of another of one’s kind

is for a human
to commit an act
of God

to have deciding power
over life & death––

to judge, condemn &
in an instant––
with a spark of horror

is beyond human

we amerikans believe
in the destruction of war
& in arming ourselves
in peace

151,000-1 million iraqis are dead
because amerika fabricated
an invasion to protect
151,000 to a million!!
Lord, let us count them!

we manage the iraqi dead
(military & civilian, men, women,
children, infants & grandparents)
with forgetful estimates

we the people
murdered black & other persons
& history hardly noticed
for centuries

is there a pattern here?

righteous arrogance, hate &
dominant force

the social-media are
the fierce & reactive
growling together in
gossip & rage

are these the same stampeding herds
that stoned sinners, burned
witches & tore poets
limb from limb?

humans are the animal
that kills & keeps

we, who never lived so well,
do not heed the Word
of our God––
we watch the promise
of God made flesh
trampled in the streets
as we acquiesce to distant wars
& silently pursue our private

now, we are killing Mother
& every thing living is
at risk

we have hands & hearts & breasts
to nurture & to care

we have made a promise––
each in our own way––
to forgive & to love our neighbors
& not to kill

we are 7 billion persons on a
lonely, trembling planet––
what are we, then?
but brothers, sisters & neighbors
pledged to care for one
another &
our Earth?