such are the wages

lightning in winter––
the grey dim days
of spring

dead syrian children––
war is a chronic migraine

news is entertainment––
truth is a distant

the wealthy will finally own
the whole world––
big brother never stops
watching you––
he wants your money
not your mind

no more glaciers––we have
floods, droughts, tornadoes
& disappearing islands

no more polar bears––
tibet is completely

people are ready to kill
for an artificial platform
in the south china sea

the public wants to be ruled
by a plutocrat––
rage is their cup of tea

this a normal stage in the history
of a democracy––

to be followed by
riot & revolution, heresy, schism,
factions, tumults, brawls &
tempests, hate & anguish

such are the wages of
they know not
what they do