love is our currency

our hopeful, vibrant society
grows people
with happy hearts, smiling
faces & satisfied

we share a vision
of our land & our

we love each other––
we love life & freedom
for all

we have hope for
the future & grace abundant
for others

we live in a nation
of harmony & caring––

of fairness & the firm

of kindness & welcoming

we know that doing
our best is more important than

& none of us would
ever take

we abhor greed
& balance the virtues
of self-reliance &
generosity in our every

we thrive on fresh water &
clear sky––

standing barefoot on the earth
with breathing seeds
in our hands

the middle class is the
foundation of our
strength & a model
for all the world

each of us is
wise in our own

the best among us
are the leaders of
our families, teachers of
our children, principals of
our schools, governors of
our states, legislators,
judges & presidents

we thrive on liberty without
conflict, justice with
humility & progress
with open

our world is too small to have
strangers & big enough
to love

at the end of our lives
we enter heaven
with confidence
& radiating beams
of light

like a new