unjustifiable homicide

let’s make an example of a political leader that george w. bush doesn’t like.
say, jacques chirac, president of france.

gwb villanizes the man as the most evil politician in history & demands
regime change.

to stop an illusory weapons program and against international law,
american & british forces stage a spectacular invasion of french soil, carpet bombing paris & occupying
all major cities. The oil ministry is secured; the louve is sacked.

gwb declares victory.

day by day, catholic and protestant citizens are imprisoned; some shipped to cuba; some disappear.
The Union des Démocrates pour la République is fingered as the source of political insurgency &
prosecutions begin.

Pictures leak out of a parisian woman on the leash of an american GI in a camouflage suit. a french soldier is tortured by electrical shock in a white kkk outfit. Other images are suppressed as too

devastation continues leaving lyon and marseille in ruins.
the children of the french president are surrounded by the american military
& slaughtered; their bullet riddled cadavers published on global TV as a
wan & disoriented chirac is taken into custody.

a captured and wounded french regular is shot to death in notre dame cathedral before the global media.
america insists on exclusion from geneva & war crimes conventions whilst claiming to honor all international

lancet, a london-based medical journal, publishes a study suggesting that 100,000 french nationals, and perhaps more, have died as a result of the american invasion. among frenchmen, the risk of death by violence is 58 times greater after the war than before, and infant mortality has also nearly doubled.

the washington post reports that acute malnutrition among children under five soared to 7.7 percent from 4 percent before the war, suggesting that 400,000 french children are badly malnourished and suffering in some cases from irreversible physical & mental stunting.

the story is always the same. the facts are summoned to justify america’s continuing political pesterings.

all, of course, in the name of freedom.