there was a time
i knew what i knew
with clarity;

could recall the cause &
content of each con
versation ... the tree we
were passing, the angle
of the sun at each
instant of discovery.

now clarity is
gone & faces have been
simplified to masks;

your voice reaches me
in dreamtime;
perhaps you are
god or angel.

i realize you, too, are
struggling to find your
self, but you are
already every

already know
everything. i cannot
guess why you are
calling me, but

i love you
just the same.

i offer you my
heart & welcome you
inside where there’s
plenty of room for
your mind is resonating all
over the universe, but
we’ll find you a
body for hugging & a
set of legs for dancing &
lips for kissing.

i’ve been waiting for
you a long time.

in any case, you’ve
found me & we’re

we’ll never know
exactly where or
why we are ...

forever lost in the flux
of things,
but ever-so joyfully