i met you

i met you
blinked & turned around
and it was valentine's day

a day of celebration
for people
who care for people

as i wish
to care for you.

is it reasonable for me
to dream of you
curled up on a soft
persian rug
in a patch of winter sun
the way cats do?

to wonder
if you believe in the
sacrament of cuddling,
the sacredness
of barefoot beaches
& the holy flying frisbee.

i know you
only by your starry eyes,
the stacatto
tracks of your voice
across silence,
the playful
horizons of your mind.

do i know enough,
after half a life-time,
to kiss &
really mean it
to swim in a
rollicking sea
of laughter
to care to care
to dance
like people do?

to think of you
makes me smile
makes me warm
like a cat on a pillow
in the sunlight

simply wondering if
you're dreaming too.