Midnight Flowers

Streets were dark––
Shutters along the sidewalks were shut.
The florists had entered their hot-house-homes
Dreaming of orchids and cockatoos.

So I wandered alone
Under street-lamp-stars
Looking for daffodils perched on auto hoods,
Morning glory telephone poles,
For parking-meter-roses.

Then I came to your door and
Found these flowers in my pocket––

Like a miracle I found them
Growing in my ears,
Crowding up behind my eyes––

When you read this
They will leap into your hands
And grow around your arms
'til they kiss your hair and
Spiral to the moon.

They will live forever
If you want them to––
In whatever color you paint them
In your mind––
Delighting in whatever names
You call them.

They are your flowers,
They are my flowers,
They are our flowers––

That live on the sunlight and tears we share,
And live on the earth which
Comforts us with roots
Blesses us with wings.