El Presidente

You hurt my life,
You bastard.
You hurt my life.

You hurt our lives,
You bastard.
You hurt our lives.

You crushed my love
And you didn't mean to do it
You crushed my love.

And you cut off our light
And you didn't think about it.
You cut off our light
And you didn't even care.

Why did you do it,
You son-of-a-bitch--
What was in it for you.

Could it have been
That your baby was hungry...
That your woman was sick with the flu?

More likely you were serving
Your insatiable self––

Most likely all you wanted
Was more.

We saw how you took
When you didn't really need it.

How you snuffed out our lives
With your greed.

We remember how
You murdered us,
You furry-grey-bastard––

It is all we remember
‘Cause it hurt.