October 29


One year ago, this day,
You shot the survivors
Of Dunkirk.

To Belinda
This betrayal meant
A year of tears.

To Dee
It meant hurt
Beyond bearing.

To Anita
Humiliation and anger.

To me
It meant purgation
and loss of love.

If you experienced
Our accumulated pain
For one second
It would kill you.


You came to our country
As a foreigner
And we welcomed you
As an ally
And nurtured
Your god-forsaken power.

You asked for our help.
We gave you loyalty.
You demanded quality.
We gave you excellence.

You became our leader.
We closed our eyes.


The essence of leadership
Is not victory
Which falls from the hand
Of chance.
Or power, a gift of fate.
But love and respect,
Human things.

This has been so
Since Beowolf.
Since Agamemnon.


How well did you
Reward yourself
For your treachery?


October 29
A day that shall live
In infamy.