Who in the Hell

Who in the hell
Do you think you are?
And what do you think you've done?

So you think you’re better
Than everyone else.

Than we.

And because you think so
It must be true.

Are you really strong enough
To carry a license large enough
To allow you to do
To whomever, whatever, whenever
You want to?

Isn’t an ego as big as yours
Burden enough to carry around?

Bigger than the Golden Rule.

It takes a pretty big man
To live a big lie––
It takes a mighty big boss
To keep his people down––
It takes a very strong stomach
To betray them.

Do you remember how you looked away
When you quashed us?

How you couldn't look us in the eye?

How John grabbed us from behind.
How you stabbed us in the belly.

Now what would you have us do
Unto you?

One day,
An Aztec priest
Will cut your heart out!