The sound of an intelligent human voice

It is as though we are trying
to exchange messages from distant stars.

Trying to encode the meaning of ourselves
which seems inexpressible;
Singing the song of ourselves
for the benefit of the cosmic void.

We seek to find ourselves again
at the beginning, in the warmth of the womb
which we all once shared––

A place we can reach with hands that touch
eyes that see into the soul
words that understand the heart.

I have found a message
from your searching star, in a bottle afloat
along the lonely shore of my solar sea.

It is transcribed in ancient runes
making pictures out of words
only understood with closed eyes.

I am sure it is your image I have found––
scintillating paradigms of your smile
rhythmic reverberations of your feelings
diaphanous premonitions of your dreams.

So I have set my heart to words
cast my words in the direction of your star––

And I wait––

Wading along the coastline of my life
Interpreting cloud-mimes
pronouncing dune-words
reading sea-scrolls

Watching for a sign from the sky,
wishing for a signal from the sea,
listening for the sound of an intelligent