grand round

shuttling between
wind-blown stars,
i have completed
5 cycles of the zodiac.

in 60 human years,
the sun moves the space
of a heart beat
along a spiral arm
of the milky way.

in the course of a kalpa,
in the eye of a god––
galaxies swirl around
dinosaurs roar.

i am directly descended
from the form before forms––
from the 1st flash of power––
from the initiating burp
of the 1st amoeba.

my skeletal-fleshy
self is the celestial
dust of ancestral

i resound our cosmic
yawlp from one universe
to awaken
the next.

i declare my
of space & time
& freedom
from all the vexations
of infinities.

my mind & my heart
are pluralisms of being––
the body morphs to earth––
the soul to sky––
the spirit to light.

there is neither
to be found––
an end
to a beginning,
nor a beginning
to an end.

grand round: 5 passages around the Chinese zodiac or 60 years

kalpa: Hindu time cycle equal to 4.32 billion years, a "day of Brahma."